1. An alkaline pH -helps prevent diseases
2. Antioxidants - disarms free radicals, provides oxygen & anti aging
3. Smaller water molecule clusters - hydrates the body


Benefits of Drinking Antioxidant Alkaline Water

The benefits of the antioxidant alkaline water can not be found in any other standard / distilled water. Below here are the three MAIN benefits of the antioxidant alkaline water.

The need for antioxidant alkaline water

The point here is to conquer the free radicals in our body in order to stay at the best of our health. The antioxidant alkaline water contains extra electrons. This means it will give away the extra electrons in order to stabalise the free radical. Free radical which has only one electron receives an electron from antioxidant turns into a healthy atom (now that it has two electrons). This means that the healthy cells in our body will not be damaged. It is what our body needs to stay healthy.

Prevention is better than cure

As the saying goes, ˇ°prevention is better than cureˇ± maintain a healthy body today just by drinking BiOCERA antioxidant alkaline water. As mentioned earlier bacteria and viruses exist in acidic environment. It was Dr. Otto Warberg who discovered this. Then other doctors like Dr. William Hay concluded that all disease is caused by acid accumulation in the body while Dr. Theodore Baroody said countless diseases come from the same root which is there are too much tissue acid waste in the body. Another doctor, Dr. H. Sartori found that, by raising the pH above the 7.4 range to a pH of 8.5, the cancer cells would die, while the healthy cells would live. Another widely cited source is A. Keith Brewer, PhD, inventor of what is called ˇ°High pH Therapy for Cancer.ˇ±

Dr. Otto Warberg received the Nobel price for discovering the cause of cancer ¨C this being lack of oxygen (or low alkaline pH). Scientists have found that healthy people have systems that are alkaline.

An acidic body is a breeding ground for disease but no disease can exist in an alkaline environment. Japanese medicine has proven this over the last 15 years, ANTIOXIDANT ALKALINE WATER can restore proper alkaline pH in the body within weeks.

Raising the pH level of your body will assist your immune system to fight off bacteria, viruses, fungi, and degenerative illnesses such as:

-chronic fatigue
-leg cramps
-high blood pressure
-poor circulation
-arthritis, etc


Alkaline pH will better suit to our body blood system and much decrease our blood equilibrium effort ;reduce calcium loss.
Alkaline pH condition of body fluids able absorb oxygen better than acidic pH over 100 times.


Other Benefits:

Flushes toxins and acid waste
Eliminates Free Radicals
Restores proper alkaline pH in our body
Increases stable oxygen in our body
Enhances delivery of nutrients
Cooking with Alkaline Antioxidant water improves the nutritional value and the taste of food and drinks such as, tea and coffee. It also has a lower boiling point.
Makes acidic food and drinks more alkaline.
In Japan, Alkaline Antioxidant Water is known as a ˇ°hangover cureˇ±. Alkaline ice cubes in a glass of alcohol neutralize acidity and helps to prevent a hangover.

The test on the left is done by placing tea leaves into BiOCERA antioxidant alkaline water (left) and into R.O water (right). After a few minutes, results are as shown. BiOCERA antioxidant alkaline water extracts more tea compared to the R.O water


Besides that, BiOCERA is also anti-aging. Try this experiment on your own. Peel an apple, cut it in half and place it in a cup of R.O water and the other half in BiOCERA Antioxidant alkaline water. After ten minutes, you'll see the apple in the R.O water turn brown and soft. However the apple in BiOCERA remains the same.  

This also goes to prove that BiOCERA is a great antioxidant agent. It helps disarms free radicals from the acidic food that we consume daily.  

Eliminates smoke

BiOCERA helps eliminate smoke effectively too.Add a drop of pH tester into BiOCERA water and the water will turn into blue (alkaline). Puff smoke into the cup and the water will turn to yellow (acidic). Then add BiOCERA water into the cup and the water turns to blue again. From this, it shows that BiOCERA water is able to neutralize the toxins from the smoke and free radicals.  

Free radicals is the factor of aging, the above shows that BiOCERA neutralized the acidity from the smoke which promotes free radicals and eventually causes aging.  

Daily consumption of BiOCERA water helps cleanse the blood, removes toxins trapped in the lungs. It helps reduce phlegm, encourage soothe breathing and you won't feel restless.  

Diminish the side effects of alcohol

TRY THIS! Add a drop pf pH tester into a cup of white wine. The wine turns to red (highly acidic). Pour in BiOCERA water and watch is neutralize it. It is now blue in color (alkaline). This proves that Bio cure is able to neutralize even a strong acidic pH condition.  

A highly acidic drink such as white wine can do much harm to our blood. For example high blood pressure, cardiovascular system diseases and other related diseases.